Alexa, add digital audio to my marketing strategy

Alexa, add digital audio to my marketing strategy

Alexa, add digital audio to my marketing strategy 1742 1500 audioXI

Your leg up on digital audio advertising.

Programmatic ad buying has changed the face of online advertising.

However, we already knew this.

A recent IAB U.K. study found that 50% of marketers use programmatic for buying smartphone inventory (Source: IAB). In 2016, the U.K. programmatic ad market was estimated to be worth $3.3 billion (Source: Zenith Media), and in 2017, IAB found 80% of U.K. display advertising was traded programmatically (Source WNIP).

Why is programmatic so popular? There are many reasons. For one; it presents marketers with a plethora of opportunities to not only be where their prospective customers are but to also relay messages of value and content relevant to a consumer’s daily actions. Let’s say you’re researching romantic getaways & you see an Aer Lingus advert for a €60 roundtrip flight to Paris? That’s useful.

While programmatic ad buying is gaining popularity amongst marketers, favourite advertising channels are beginning to show their downfalls. Display, social, and search are effective in reaching audiences, but they don’t always succeed in leaving a message that resonates with consumers. The average CTR for a display ad, for example, is 0.35% across all industries (Hubspot). Additionally, more and more people are turning to voice-activated devices where they may have used a screen in the past. For that reason, another channel is rapidly gaining in popularity; Digital Audio.

Reevaluating the effectiveness of display and looking towards the future with digital audio.

Digital Audio delivers brands an exciting opportunity to not only achieve the scale of digital advertising and programmatic ad buying but to also connect with a more engaged and immersed audience.

As marketers look for innovation and impact, there’s one thing that’s clear: Change is the rule, not the exception. Right now, marketers are turning their heads from digital visual to digital audio. Closing gaps in the customer journey, digital audio delivers a personal touch within an already immersive environment.

With over 1 million people in Ireland listening to digital audio every week, (Source: JNLR) this rapidly growing channel allows advertisers the unique opportunity to connect with people in a way that feels both authentic and relevant. From podcasts and streaming music to smart speakers and connected cars, people are consuming digital audio more and more every day. When you’re at the gym, walking the dog or commuting to work, you probably have your headphones in. You’re not looking at your phone but rather listening to what’s on it. Digital audio advertising opportunities are multiplying by the minute.

As marketers in an age where there’s no guarantee your logo will be seen, you have to ask yourself, ‘how will my brand be heard?’. Digital audio consumption has grown 20% in the last 12 months, (Source: JNLR) with 79% of audio consumption taking place while people are engaged in activities where visual media cannot reach them (IAB 2). Even more exciting, 75% of audio listeners think advertising is a fair price to pay for the content they are getting (Edison Research) and adverts in audio streams have a listen-through rate of 95% (

Unfortunately, due to a fragmented Irish audio marketplace, reaching this engaged audience in Ireland at scale wasn’t possible. Until now.

audioXi, Ireland’s largest digital audio exchange

audioXi consolidates Irelands largest audio creators and aggregators in one place, providing scale and streamlining the path to purchase for Irish brands and agencies.

If your marketing strategy doesn’t include this new digital arena, you run the risk of falling behind. audioXi allows you to create the best audio strategy by combining audio advertising with the precision of digital media buying. audioXi enables you to invest in reaching customers with the right messages in audio just like you do for every other digital channel.

Not only will your brand be recognised nationally, but it will also be understood relevantly at a local level. Offering consistent formats, trafficking and reporting by a programmatic or direct channel, audioXi allows you to target specific audiences, ensuring ads are personalised, dynamic and diverse.

With access to 36 Premium Irish and international publishers, 1.8 million users and 20 million monthly impressions, audioXi presents an innovative opportunity for any brand looking to target specific customers in an emotionally engaging, authentic way.


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